Posted on: 19 June, 2020

Hello my lovelies… as you might have noticed I’ve taken a total insta hiatus for the last few weeks.
This was for a variety of reasons but when I watched events in America after the racist murder of #georgefloyd , learning about #breonnataylor and so, so many others. Then here, in Ireland and Europe, recognising we too have a massive #racism problem- I chose to take a total time out to educate myself with regard to my white privilege & more importantly what I needed to learn and do better to be an effective ally to my black brothers and sisters . Most importantly to not do this as a token gesture in order to gain likes or be seen as jumping on a band wagon. 

#blacklivesmatter is not just a hash tag, it needs to represent a fundamental change in our society to acknowledge the savage inequality that exists, and to do everything from a personal & professional level to address how we begin to make things better.

To admit my own inbuilt racism, however unintentional it may be, has been deeply painful. However, this is not about me or my guilt , this is about doing better. This is a long term commitment to be an active, effective ally and vocal advocate for my black brothers and sisters and all minorities. Thinking you are doing the right thing just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

There is no more stark statistic than the fact black women are 5 times more likely to die or suffer serious childbirth injury than their white counterparts. This is horrific; it needs to be understood and addressed from a multi-faceted and educated place. I need to learn more and listen to the voices of black women and black experiences. Racism is not an American problem , or a UK problem … it is alive and well Ireland today. I am a committed anti-racist. I will use my small platform to ensure that I personally and professionally take responsibility and ownership of what is gong on and help make it, in whatever small way I can, better.


#5timesmore #5xmore #blackmaternalhealth