Sex After Giving Birth: Why We need to talk about it more

Posted on: 20 May, 2020

Let’s talk about sex (after ) Baby…….
One of the most common question types I get postnatally is about sex! What’s normal? What’s not normal? Will it feel weird? When is it safe?

I spoke about about all things post-birth sex on my stories and it’s saved in my instagram high lights and the response has been huge. I was inundated with questions and also comments thanking me for discussing it. This is something that we obviously need to speak a lot more about!

Everyone is different, some women want to try as soon as they are healed either from c-section or vaginal delivery , at about the 6 week mark and for some others it is many months before they feel like it. Both are totally normal .. you give it ago when YOU feel ready.

Plenty of foreplay and a good water based lubricant can help things feel more comfortable.

Penetration is not the only part of sex! There is lots of other stuff you can do to get back onto the swing of things, go at your own pace and communicate with your partner about your worries and concerns so you are both on the same page.

Making sure you do your pelvic floor muscles exercises and attending a women’s health physio can be great tools to ensure you feel comfy and well.

Unless you are planning another pregnancy make sure you are using effective contraception and speak with your GP to understand the different options. –

You can and will have great sex again! But only go for it when you and your body feel ready .
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