Supporting Parents-to-Be During the Covid-19 Crisis

Posted on: 02 April, 2020

Avril Spoke with Jennifer Zamparelli on her 2fm show about the effects of the Crisis on Parents

Becoming a new parent at any time brings with it a certain level of anxiety. A huge part of the work that I do is to reduce or remove these worries for parents and help them feel excited, confident and knowledgeable. Covid-19 has brought a whole different level to these concerns.

I spoke to Jen about what way things have changed for parents and some of the restrictions that have been imposed. More than anything I wanted to get the message across that there is still support for families – albeit online.

Tonight I will be hosting my first webinar: a free breathe and relaxation guided session to help reduce the stress level. I want to help mums (and dads) to be in anyway I can. If you need any support, of any kind , then just contact me and I am here to help and support you in your journey.