Covid-19 Update

Posted on: 20 March, 2020

Avril and her son Felix smiling through our new frightening reality

It has been such an unreal week in so many ways. Like everyone, I am only just getting my head around the huge changes that we are going through in light of the challenges we all face to protect ourselves, and each other from the looming threat of Covid-19.

Avril and Felix featured in this weeks Irish Independent speaking about volunteering for the #BeOnCallForIreland programme

The first thing I have done is sign up with the HSE in their #BeOnCallforIreland programme, which means I am willing to do anything and everything I can to support our health service.

I have been speaking with clients and supporting people online during these worrying times. I have also been trying to find the best mode for me to deliver my classes online. I hope to be able to announce in the next few days that I will be fully online and available to both current and new clients, who still need support, guidance and help in having positive pregnancy and birth experiences.

We are all in this together, and I will do my utmost to work as hard as I physically can in adapting to this new reality, while maintaining the standards and high level of support I am proud to provide.