Meeting LennonCourtney – A Dream Come True

Posted on: 24 February, 2020

Could I look any more delighted to meet the wonderful LennonCourtney?

I have been a massive fan of Sonya Lennon and Brendan Courtney for many years. I love and wear their clothes and in truth, they taught me how to wear colour and dress with confidence. Whenever someone compliments an outfilt of mine, I say with absolute pleasure “It’s from Dunnes – LennonCourtney.”

They have a feature called ‘Lunchtime Live’ where they interview a small Irish business person. They asked for people to apply so I did and I cannot tell you how delighted I was that I was chosen.

Being a small business like myself, it can be hard to get your name out there and build a platform- to be given such an opportunity by Brendan and Sonia was a dream come true. They say don’t every meet your heroes and I’ve always thought that was utter rubbish. I was right, they exceeded my expectations with their warmth, generosity and interest. I am so incredibly grateful for the best day and to meet two people who really inspire me. Thank you LennonCourtney, I will continue to wear your clothes with pride and joy.