A little bit about Avril…..

Posted on: 03 February, 2020

Avril completed a Law degree and was training to be a barrister when she decided to change tack, and become a registered Midwife. She spent over 10 years honing her skills in various public hospitals and in the private sector as both a midwife and fertility nurse. While on maternity leave, she set up her own practice avrilflynn.com providing antenatal support, birth and baby preparation classes to families, which combines all her knowledge, alongside her qualification as a hypnobirth practitioner.

She specialises in offering classes not only to pregnant women but to couples, single parents, same sex parents and parents who are growing their families through surrogacy or adoption. She is a card carrying feminist and passionate advocate for equal rights for all. Avril is a total people person and adores talking ! 

As well as running her own business, Avril presents a popular parenting podcast, writes extensively on a variety of subjects ranging from pregnancy, to mental health and adjusting to parenthood. She has also contributed to several national publications. 

Avril speaks on a diverse range of topics including pregnancy, birth, women’s health, being an entrepreneur and a woman in business. She has been invited to present a talk at the upcoming inaugural All Ireland Maternity and Midwifery Forum and will also be presenting another talk in the UK later in 2020. Avril is a not only a talented speaker, but also is a highly accomplished host, master of ceremonies and  panel compère, most recently at the Women’s Inspire Conference in 2019.